Titans vs Chiefs NFL Playoffs Wild Card Weekend Predictions

Walker’s Titans going up against Travis Kelsey’s Chiefs for the game Titans vs Chiefs and as always it is a frenzied atmosphere inside Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. A few short moments ago these two teams made their way out of the Arrowhead Stadium tunnels. The noise level in this place was just about off the charts. They’re set for football as the Chiefs get set to do battle with Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans. We saw Larry focus on the tight end matchup in his hope and he think it’s one to watch don’t you definitely one to watch. Because these guys can create such big plays by all the different things they can do lineup out wide in the slot lineup.

Titans vs Chiefs

At a normal tight end position and then where you gonna come home with this is it a linebacker a defensive back. They create miss matches all throughout the game now Ryan suck-up the former Chiefs kicker is ready to go. We are too from Arrowhead this field it at the tomb and take this one near the 25 call it the 26 yard line. So here are the Chiefs now coming out for their opening drive. They’ll be led out by the number-one- ranked 805 out of the university of utah it’s alex smith.

One of the things that attracted people out smith initially was his mobility and that’s never changed. That guys are great athlete. But he’s so sharp with the football. So accurate and takes care of it. So well he rarely puts his team in bad situations. He will not only not get the yard he needed. He goes the wrong direction. It’s a loss of – they’re bringing up second down that play got shut down in a hurry. As soon as the snap came you can see defensively they were just closing and that was going nowhere. You count on your offensive line to give you a little bit of space. A little bit of time so you can make a move there is none there for him. It’s already second and twelve the defense hoping to push him back more. They go play-action to hunt. Now Smith and the Titan defense steps up here and down he goes Derek Morgan from that outside linebacker spot. He’s able to get in there for a loss of nine. A lot of people think that the offense is just moving in the wrong direction.

They’re moving in the right direction because the defense is pushing them back over a defensive guy. Now it’s a quarterback third and long you really got to rally the troops. So the sack of Smith and now the Chiefs coming up facing third and long Smith that’s incomplete. But there is a flag down so hang on a big call coming on third down and they declined it as that will bring up four. That yardage and field position are keys to any game played. But have to consider downs when you’re talking about penalties and they wisely did not take that one and made it fourth down. On fourth down on its Dustin Colquitt to kick this away. The quick feet by Jackson that’s going to go in the books as a 55-yard pawn. And possession will switch hands first in ten. So out comes its offense to take over for the first time. They’ll be let out by their quarterback out of Oregon its Marcus Mariota Marcus Mariota skill set can help continue to evolve the position of quarterback in the NFL.

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