Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs Wild Card Playoff Round Preview

It as little as other coaches have in the past you may emphasize that part of the game Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs NFL wild card playoffs. A little bit more now here’s the first carry for DeMarco Murray give him ten yards there. By the nose of the football he’s gonna have a first down that old line. They cleared a big hole there on that run yeah – ISM of offensive lines continues to evolve. We’re seeing it here not only the controlling things right the line of scrimmage. But they’re easily get up field to get to what we call the second and the third levels. The linebacker spot the secondary spot getting all the way down field with their blocking which helps keep the running back clean.

Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs

They’ll try to continue that trend here this afternoon. They go back to Murray on first down they’ll be taken down. But not before he gets into enemy territory. That’s a first down pickup for Tennessee on a gain of ten. How many times do we say in this game as speed kills. It does it in so many different ways in this case. You got a back who’s quick and shifty can make moves make people miss. And through a hole before it can close down. That’s some of the benefit to that speed not just outrunning people in the secondary that led to a really nice game. They’ll run it left side with Murray trying to bounce it outside. But he’s only able to get it back to the line of scrimmage gain on the play.

It’ll be second down and this whole line it is the lifeblood of the offense this. That was the tone me nasty physical they can’t wait to get out for people that allows the rest of the offense to feel confident. They’ll try to throw down Mariota. They had some room to work. He is out of bounds inside the 30 17 yards on that play for the Titans. Now running out of the gun daddy’s gonna find his way forward. Here for a modest game it’s a six yard pickup. But it gets him to 2nd and for this drive is pretty clear almost feels like old school fundamentals. it doesn’t want to post it will on the defenses at five straight runs. Now five straight carries has turned this Drive.

The way it’s working, they made you stick with it second down Mariota inside the five it all the way down inside the five to the for 19 yards on the pickup there. They’ll have it first and gold now that was pretty. they executed that curl route versus zone coverage and that changes things a little bit. Because it gets man it’s often a slight curl tight the sharply run route again zone .you’re just looking for that open spot that dead area. So you make curl it a little bit wider just to get to that place and usually a tight window. He fired a bullet in there for the completion. We’ll try run for it with hand rain. So the full three yards and now it’s sagging down valuation process in today’s NFL does not take into account. As much as bulk as it does speed and that’s what we’re seeing with the linebacker position. Those guys that can run they can play at any spot. Because they can make plays on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage and second down it’s caught He’s able to get it down to the two yard line but catch good for six yards. But now it’s third and goal and just a small glimpse there as to why they like this rookie so much and that’s what it lit up .

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