Chiefs vs Titans – Who Has The Edge? Wild Card Weekend

The wild card game of the Chiefs vs Titans now the edge is where we take a look at both teams stats from, and pro Football Compare the two team and see who has the edge based on those stats. I will also be including some coaches film and a small analysis of each player. So we can basically see what to expect in the upcoming game. The Tennessee Titans have an offense Renk to 19th in the league in terms of points. Their defense is ranked 17th also in terms of points as well as the Kansas City Chiefs. They have the sixth ranked offense and the 15th ranked defense.

chiefs vs titans

The Tennessee passing offense versus the Kansas City passing defense. The Titans rushing offense versus the Chiefs rushing defense.  The Titans are three and five on the road they beat the Jags. They lost to the Texans, then to the Dolphins, they beat the Browns, lost to the Steelers, beat the Colts, lost to the Cardinals and then they lost to the 49ers. The Titans definitely do not look impressive the road. But the Chiefs they are six and two at home which is very good they beat the Eagles, then they beat the Redskins, they lost to the Steelers they beat the Broncos, lost to the bills, they beat the Raiders, beat the chargers and then they went ahead and beat the Dolphins.

The Chiefs it is being played in Arrowhead Stadium which is one of the toughest places to play. So the Chiefs jump out to an early lead. The nitty-gritty starting with the Titans passing offense. They are averaging 199 point four yards per game which is 23rd in the league. Their average pass blocking grade according to PFF is 78 point 52 which is actually very good. Their quarterback is Marcus Mariota out of Oregon 200 281 completions out of 453. Attempts 3232 yards with 13 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

A lot of people think he is playing hurt. Because he has not had the best year. But they’re leading receivers in terms of yards are Delanie Walker the tight end out of Central Missouri 74 catches eight hundred and seven yards and three touchdowns. Following that up we got rishard Matthews the wide receiver out of Nevada 53 catches 795 yards and four touchdowns. Finally we have Eric Decker the wide receiver out of Minnesota 54 catches 563 yards and 1 touchdown. So aside from their pass blocking on the offensive line nothing really jumps out here. In the passing offense for the Titans and they are gonna be going up against the Chiefs passing defense. They are surrendering an average of 247 yards per game which is 29th in the league. Their average secondary coverage rate according to PFF is 56 point zero four and their average pass rush grade is 61 point 11. Their coverage definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Their pass rush isn’t bad but it’s not the best they have allowed a total of 23 touchdowns which is tied for 15th in the league. They have a total of 31 sacks which is tied for 24th just in Houston.

The Chiefs offense are averaging about 25.9 points per game which is sixth in the league and 375 point four yards per game. The Titans allowing an average of 22 point 2 points per game which is 17th in the league and 328 yards per game. The Chiefs having so many weapons if they were just a run first team. Because the Titans have a great run defense and as we have seen from the Chiefs. we have Travis Kelce and Tyreke Hill those are both very dangerous weapons. So I do expect Alex Smith to take advantage of the weak Titans secondary. But that being said guys as you can see it is four to three in favor of the Titans. So that means my ultimate edge goes to the Tennessee Titans keep in mind guys this is not a prediction.

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